Web Portal Development In 2020 – What Has Changed And What Is Expected

New technology and trends have been introduced every year, especially for web developers from across the world. The trend keeps on changing every year. For instance, in web development, mobile responsiveness will be trendy in a year's whole statics website. Based on a recent report, more than hundreds of sites have been added among the competition along with the growth of the business. With more advancement in internet facilities, people find it easier to access everything from their homes.

Web portal development has grown into a wider concept and becomes the futurism. In 2020, new ideas regarding eth web development have been introduced starting from voice search optimization, concentration on images, and much more. The web development industry also has expected to witness a significant trend in the modern world.

Trends Of 2020 In Web Development:

Web Portal Development has widely increased since the start of 2020. With more new techniques has been implemented along with high-security features. Below are some of the top trends that help to improve your website to the next level.

1. Chatbots:

With the higher demand for getting chatbots has exceeds the limitation in 2020. Having the chatbot especially is considered the best way to optimize the website. These are considered as the primary drivers for improving the User Experience on-site. Chatbot mainly guarantees customer engagement, along with customer satisfaction. Businesses across the world especially prefer to use chatbots as well as other online support tools. This helps the accessibility and reaches to clients.

2. Voice Search Optimization:

In 2020, modes of searching online become highly increased as well as evolved. Voice Search optimization is one of the best and latest ways for the user to easily search for information via voice. It also gained the prominence along with the user preference on the voice search program.

Optimizing your website with the Voice Search enabled is a more efficient option for understanding the requirement of the target. Whether they are searching for a product or service on your website, it is a much easier option for saving more time.

3. Smartphone Friendly And Responsive Web Designs:

With more number of smartphone users have increased in daily life, the web portal deve​lopers need to optimize their website accordingly. Websites need to perform responsively and equally on mobile phones as well. In the modern-day, top search engine such as Google is also looking for the mobile-friendly attributes added on the website. It is helpful; for improving the rank of the website.

4. Adding Single Page Applications:

In 2020, Single-page applications have become the most emerging trend, along with offering immense benefits. The Single-page​ applications are expected to rule the web development in the year 2020. It is based on the Javascript so that it works on all the user devices. Usually, the Single page applications help load the page faster without any interruptions on reloading the page. Modern-day, users and web de​velopers have preferred these. 

Written by Abel D​avis. Abel is a design student who stepped into the field of ​​web portal d​evelopment by a chance. However, he started liking it when people started appreciating his skill and quality. He is known to get projects done fast and without errors. His aim always remains to have code coherence and ease of understanding. To know more about his work, visit: